Shield Sangha

Loving-kindness Part 1 - January 2013

The Shield Sangha hosted Sensei Taigen Henderson, Abbott of the Toronto Zen Centre, in North Bay in January 2013. He taught the first half of the Awakening Your Loving-Kindness course.

Loving-kindness is the willingness and skill to embrace and care for ourselves and the world. It is more than just a feeling. It is a capacity we can nurture through practice. Loving-kindness meditation (Metta Bhavana) is an ancient Buddhist practice leading to the development of unconditional loving-kindness and friendliness.  The Pali word Metta means love, friendliness, or loving-kindness; Bhavana means cultivation or development. Metta is something you feel in your heart, a positive emotional state towards others and ouselves. As a result of practicing Metta Bhavana, we become more empathetic, more considerate, more kind, more forgiving and in general, more loving, friendly people. This course was provided for everyone interested, regardless of beliefs or background.

This was a meaningful teaching with 51 participants at the Monastery Building of Nipissing University at the top of the Laurentian Escarpment in North Bay.  Thanks to  all who attended for your loving and kind energy! 

Sensei Henderson teaches full time as the abbot of the Toronto Zen Centre. For more information, cllick here: Toronto Zen Centre

To see a brief video of Sensei Henderson, select:  interview