Shield Sangha

Heart Sutra Workshop - May 2012

Khenmo Drolma taught about the Heart Sutra in an accessible way.  The Heart Sutra contains the condensed essence of Buddhism—Buddhism in a nutshell. It is the cornerstone of Buddhist practice and a door to our own profound wisdom and inner peace. It is recited in all lineages and traditions and is sometimes called

The Mother of All Buddhas because of its ability to give birth to the Buddha within each of us. Meditating on the Heart Sutra, we find faith, compassion, wisdom, beauty, goodness and other unsurpassable qualities arising spontaneously in our minds, just as flowers and trees grow in springtime without effort.

This was a very deep and awakening teaching with 45 participants upstairs at the Inn on the Bay overlooking Lake Nipissing & downtown North Bay.  Thanks to  all who attended for your presence and toVajra Dakini Nunnery for lending Khenmo to us!